Lotus Script to send alerts for missing docs


Can someone provide a LS agent that will do the following:

Look to a view to determine "users" (Depositors) needing an alert
Look to a view (Activity Reports) that displays documents, categorized by week (monday date)

Send each individual alert when documents are missing?  Using the last Monday date in the view (Activity Reports) and based on the prior week (this agent will run at the start of the current week, so reports are not yet due) a less complicated way might be to count the number of weeks (reports) from last date in view, to prior week of current week the agent runs, and if they don't match -- then send an alert.  Ideally if which reports can be identified (weeks) that is better -- but not critical.

This is urgent.  Thanks!!
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Code I gave you should work, as I recall, you just needed to add the paqrts that would:

1) retrieve list of users to process
2) loop through that list, running the second half of the code for each run through the loop (i.e., once per user)
SO all the depositors get alerts, or only those that have relevant documents.

Please supply more details.

AliciaVeeAuthor Commented:

Sorry -- wasn't clear. Only users that are missing reports get an alert.  I have a view that determines depositors (this is used for something else) -- not categorized, sorted on first column

Person 1
Person 2
Person 3

I have a view that has all reports, sorted by date, with name of person in 2nd colum

So, if Person 2 only has 2 reports, but should have 3, they should get an alert.  Ideally, would like the dates to be listed (you are missing reports for the following dates:.....) but I'm having enough trouble trying to get this to work, I'm not sure it is even possible at this point.  Can you help?
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How is this different than the earlier question you asked, when you started off assuming you could use a sort of "reverse newsletter"?
AliciaVeeAuthor Commented:

The only difference is the way i have explained it -- the need is the same, or maybe now a bit simpler (not critical to provide the exact dates missing).  I haven't received a solution -- I tried using your suggestion, but am still lost / stuck on how to resolve.  I thought if I presented another question, with a clearer explanation, I might get new folks providing a solution.  Not sure this is working either.
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