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Getting a SELECT value from a stored procedure into a variable of another stored procedure.

I have a stored procedure which I can't change that returns a value with a SELECT statement.

I need to get this return value into a variable from another stored procedure.

How can I do this.

Note - I am not wanting to know how to get a return value using the RETURN statement or an OUTPUT parameter, I want to know how to get a value from a SELECT statement run in a stored procedure
1 Solution
declare it and set it
purplesoupAuthor Commented:
when I try SET I get incorrect syntax - what syntax should I use to set it?
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
put a select statement as the last one

SELECT 'Value' as RetVal
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
If there's only one SELECT in the proc (or if it's the first SELECT, I think), you can capture the results into a temp table, assuming you know the structure of the table.  For example:

CREATE TABLE #results (
    ...table def matching results from stored proc...,

INSERT INTO #results
EXEC storedProc1

EXEC storedProc2  --sp2 can use #results
purplesoupAuthor Commented:
This isn't clear - let me give you the details.

I have a procedure for returning a counter for a table,

exec sp_get_counter 'Activity'

this returns the current counter for the table 'Activity' as a SELECT statement (i.e. running this in Query Analyzer displays the counter in the results pane).

I need to call this from within another stored procedure, so it looks something like this:

declare @seq int

set @seq = sp_get_counter 'Activity'

but the above syntax doesn't work - what do I need to enter to set the @seq variable with the value returned from the sp_get_counter stored procedure?


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