Would SP2 would win2k3 effect services

I have a win 2003 domain controller and recently decided to upgrade backup exec 9.1 running on it to backup exec 11d. Backup exec wouldn't install as it needed atleast service pack 1. Service Pack 2 is available on the Windows update. My domain controller acts as DHCP server, DNS server, File share to our user. I just wanted to know if SP2 will effect any of these service when I install it.
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I hesitate to say "without any fear"

anytime you update a server you run the risk of something going wrong especially with service packs. Make sure and read all the documentations on SP2 first.

Also make sure all the software you are running on the servers supports SP2 and will run smoothly with it.

Before doing any service pack install make sure you have a good backup of all your critical data.
Absolutely not.
SP2 does not affect tho the installed and configured services, so you can install it without any fear.
I reafirm my words: without any fear.

I've installed SP2 in more that 100 diferent hardware servers ans I've never had any problem (related to this sp2 installation)
As far as the Server's own services, you should be fine.  

I wouldn't bet my paycheck that third-party software that installs services won't be affected - you'll need to look at the software vendor's sites to see if the versions you use are SP2 friendly.


I understand. i have installed on about 30 and haven't had an issue one. I have been burnt in the past though.

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