MSComm control OnComm event triggered by chr(13)

Using the MSCOMM control in VB6 (XP Pro) , is there any way to have the control generate the 'OnComm'
event when it sees a <cr>?  I would like to have it not generate commevent 2 until the entire line is read in.
Line lengths are variable, so I can't use a fixed length input. Thanks!
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EDDYKTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to take care from your code
PaulHewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No this is not possible.  The technique you need to use is to store the incoming data in a string until the CR is detected:
Private mstrIN As String

Private Sub MSComm1_OnComm()
    If MSComm1.CommEvent = 2 Then
        mstrIN =mstrIN & MSComm1.Input
        If InStr(1, mstrIN, vbCr) Then
            '... handle the input here.
        End If
    End If
LongDaveAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys - this is what I thought, but it's nice to have it verified. PaulHews - what you showed me
is exactly the way I'm already doing it :-). I was just hoping there was the <cr> alternative possible.. Thanks again!
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