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E-mail Bombardment - Blacklist Woes

Having a issue with our e-mail server being bombarded with e-mails. I want to black list them but it seems that whatever is doing it is making up addresses. Looks like it is being a little consistant though and sending e-mails with "jr" or "jq" at the beginning.

We are using ClarkConnect Office 3.2 which allows you to enter addresses to blacklist but I don't want to block all jr and jq addresses. Thoughts?

Sample e-mails:
jqvfd@fsuimail.ferris.edu -- pie@ourdomain.com
jqocpldn@baroid.com -- danny@ourdomain.com
jr@jrhl.com -- ae6514ac@ourdomain.com
jqyuehutmqluz@epilot.com -- larrya@ourdomain.com
jra@lige.dk -- hollydd@ourdomain.com
jr.jvalentine@tyrekamins.com -- tony@ourdomain.com
jrambou@club-internet.fr -- jdakaemoceaa.donna@ourdomain.com
jramtu@avebe.com -- webmastern@ourdomain.com
jra19@humboldt.edu -- dakaeokceaa.marketing@ourdomain.com
jramakrishnan@gs.com -- diannne@ourdomain.com
D6EDEE1737AFD984FCE36AC1C59F4CE484684E2D3318FEC54AFE451CA17E9C6D@bounce.stopgo.com -- mary@ourdomain.com
PatriceursulaGrimm@washingtonpost.com -- ddavid@ourdomain.com
jqmqm@crowechizek.com -- arren@ourdomain.com
jr16@icqmail.com -- jo-anneo@ourdomain.com
jr16@icqmail.com -- jnwendomqkpdtbyucge@ourdomain.com
jradueg@gobreck.com -- webmastern@ourdomain.com
jquiros@segurosbilbao.com -- donna@ourdomain.com
jr.jvalentine@tyrekamins.com -- tomw@ourdomain.com
jr16@icqmail.com -- jhscwarehouse@ourdomain.com

1 Solution
Does it support RBLs?
I use Spamhaus (http://www.spamhaus.org) which blocks the vast majority of spam we get. Spamcop (http://www.spamcop.net) also works but not quite as well.

Using the RBLs is the standard way of blocking IP addresses which are known spammers or compromised machines sending spam.
r_i_xAuthor Commented:
Our server was not able to keep up to the load. We've installed a new server and everything is working great.

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