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What are the pros and cons of Renting versus Buying computer equipment?

I'm putting together the IT budget for next year. One of the things I'm considering is changing the way we source user equipement - ie renting desktops and laptops instead of buying them. Does anyone have any views/experienc with this? (the company i work for has 65 people, MS network)
1 Solution
Rent computer
Pros : You need not worry about the PC. Any day you want close, it is very easy for you. Vendor will take care of everything about the PC. If you want to upgrade it is very easy for you.
Cons : You might be paying more money to the vendor. After some time you might find that you would have paid more money than the cost of PC. You can't get any TAX benifit. Incae you own the pc you can get tax benifit by means of depreciation.

Buying Computer:

Pros : You get Tax benifit for the depreciating amount. If you are going to use the system for a long time then this is best. Good security as the system will be own by you
Cons : You will have manage the systems. you just can't upgrade the hardware easily
This is a good article on the pros and cons of renting vs purchasing:
Mad_LennyAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, guess that's the long and the short of it, I think I'll stick to buying for now - messed up trying to split the points i'm afraid...sry

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