how do I set up and access router from outside via SSH

two things.

How do I set up ssh on router so I can access from outside.

Is there any special software I need to access from outside.  
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When you say 'outside' do you mean 'The Internet'?

Firstly, you need to set-up SSH on the router, including the ssh-certificate (correct me if i'm wrong with that bit, i don't know a lot about SSH), the easiest thing would then be to create an access-list to only allow access from specified hosts, that is of course, if you know the host you will want access-from.

In order to use SSH on a Cisco router you will need to have the correct software level, it needs to be 1 of the crypto levels, standard software levels do not suport SSH.

If you don't know the hosts you will be accessing from, you can just add an access-list on the 'External' Interface to allow only SSH traffic inbound to it.

A bit more information would help, if you can provide it.
Did you try this?  Did it work?
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