Need to drop a table from Merge replication in SQL 2005

I have a client who is merge replicating between 4 offices, database is a little over 23GB.  I need to remove a table from the publication so that it's data is not replicated because the data in this table is site specific and the guy who did the replication accidentally put it in during a full resetup.

Client is running SQL 2005.  What would be the easiest way to accomplish this knowing that due to reasons outside my control it takes about 27 hours to rebuild replication from scratch for this client?
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Kevin HillSr. SQL Server DBACommented:
To delete an article from a merge publication:

1.Execute sp_dropmergearticle (Transact-SQL) to delete an article, specified by @article, from a publication, specified by @publication. If necessary, specify a value of 1 for @force_invalidate_snapshot and a value of 1 for @force_reinit_subscription.

2.(Optional) To remove the published object from the database entirely, execute the DROP <objectname> command at the Publisher on the publication database.

Books online for 2005....test first on a non-production system
Jim P.Commented:
You should be able to go into the publisher and de-select the table. Give it a couple days of not being replicated, then drop it from the distributor, then drop it from the subscriber.
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