Cannot FTP using Expression Web

I can connect to the web server using the Remote Web Site capabilities of Expression Web. It connects just fine and the website directory appears correctly in the right screen. However, when I try to transfer a file either way (using the arrows), I get this error:
"Could not find a Web server at '(Lists the serverIP)' on port 21. Please check to make sure that the Web server name is valid and your proxy settings are set correctly. If you are sure that everything is correct, the Web server may be temporarily out of service."
I contacted my firewall service, and the request is initially coming in on Port 21, but then switches to a high port above 1024 for the file transfer. Those ports are, of course, closed by the firewall. It does not appear that the port is static, it would be easier if it was, we could just open it. But I do NOT want to open the high ports unless absolutely necessary.
Front Page worked just fine, this must be one of those Microsoft improvements. Has anyone encountered this problem, if so, what is the solution?

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dhaakenAuthor Commented:
I had searched Microsoft's Knowledge Base with "Expression FTP" prior to posting my question here. I received, of course, all of the extraneous FTP listings. When I searched with just "Expression" there were only two entries because Expression Web is relatively new. One was my answer. Open Internet Explorer Options and uncheck the Use Passive FTP box under the Advanced tab. Then I was able to transfer files. I assume Passive FTP used the high ports, that is the only logical explanation. Once that was unchecked, FTP was limited to port 21 and my firewall allowed the transfers.
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