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How to read a DVD disc which is reporting a CRC redundancy error, but files appear to be there??

Hi, I'll try to explain my problem in detail I hope my English is good enough so people can understand:

I has to format my desktop but before I  burn all of my personal and important files into DVDs using an LG DVD+-R+-RW unit and the Nero Burning softwarte. Once one of the disc finished I checked if the DVD was readable using the Windowx XP explorer navigation system, I saw all the filles appear to be there although (and here it was my mistake) I never tried to open them, just see if the DVD was accesible and the files "were" there.

Then after I formatted and reinstalled the OS when I tried to copy the files from the DVDs to the HD then I cannot copy or open any of the files in 3 of 4 of the DVDs, when trying to reading I received a message saying something like this:
     "The specified file cannot be read" or "CRC  error".

The info on the DVD is very important for me and my family so I tried extracting the info using ISOBuster and Recover My Files, ISO Buster cannot do anything for my cause. Recover My Files appear to be workig but at some point application crash.

As I told you ISOBuster seems to see the contents of DVDs but once I tried to extract that content an error message appers for allof the files. So I wonder if there is a Software, Hardware, Technology, Method or combination of all of those, which I could use to recover all my info.

I hope someone could help me.
4 Solutions
Try to use image burn http://www.imgburn.com/ to read the disc to a image file

Then use daemon tools to open this image file --> http://filehippo.com/download_daemon_tools/

This may work, may not, it seems like the disc has goten a error during the burn process, but i would have tried this, since the program Image burn has done wonders for me before :)

Hope it works
If you have a Linux box handy, try dvdisaster -- http://www.dvdisaster.com/
you can try these :
http://www.elpros.si/CDCheck/download.php                        CD recovery FREE
http://www.isobusterdownload.org/isobuster_all_lang.zip                  ISObuster
http://www.cdroller.com/                                    CDRoller
http://www.cddataguys.com/BadCopyPro.htm                        BadCopy Pro

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VenenoAuthor Commented:
Hi and thanks to all for your help I have yet to try your solutions BUT just to remember I have alreay tried ISOBuster the program seemed to see all the contents of the cd BUT could not reover any of the files.

Unstoppable Copier may be worth a try it has worked for me in the past...

VenenoAuthor Commented:
Thanks friends I'm keeping trying with the tools are suggesting.

No, the disk is not scratched or damaged it seems to be bad burned the funny thing is lsoftware like iso busters seems to see the contents of the DVD but when I try to extract the files just cannot read anything.
then the FAT is ok, but the files are not.
VenenoAuthor Commented:
If this is the, does it mean the info cannot be recovered???

I'll keep trying with the sofware you all provided and based in which ones help me to recover at least part of the info I'll give the points.
if the files are not ok on the cd - you can only read what is there.
Were you able to read them before ok?   That should be proof they are ok on the cd.
VenenoAuthor Commented:
I have been capable of reading part of the files, not the majority, is it possible that only part of the files are damaged or wrong burnt?

I repeat the disc does not seem scratched.
have you tested the burner recently ? - it may have gone bad
Forced accept.

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