New RAID Setup - Optimization Scan


Anyone out there have experience working with HP Smart Array controller 532 ? on a HP ML350 G3? I had two drives fail on my server and have since replaced all drives (three in total, 36.4G) with new drives.

Booted the server and configured the logical drive in RAID 5 with online hot spare. The server has since been rebooted and reads -

1729-Slot 2 Array - Disk Performance optimization scan in progress - RAID 4/5/ADG performance may be higher after completion. F8 to enter config or ESC to continue.

After that I have SCSI BIOS not installed

Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Boot agent, and the server is hung at this point. I have rebooted twice and the server continues to hang after the Broadcom message. It is not plugged into a blue wire.

The drives in my array are all working I'm guessing running the optimization scan. Should I be able to continue on or is this normal that the server is hung ?
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Does it have any operating system installed?
fireupAuthor Commented:
This was my fault, USB key was in the back of the server.

Sys thanks for responding.
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