Script needed for a major database move project

We're moving a few hundred databases from one server to another.  Does anyone have any script that will assign the new server as the administration server and remove the old server from each of the databases involved?  Also, need script that will update the ACL on the new server w/appropriate groups and roles.  
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If you are using a current version of Domino, there are very good database move facilities built in.  You can move a mass of databases fromm one srever to another, and ACL issues are automatically handled.  You may still want to do the group management described below.

If you must process them manually, here's what you can do:

Groups -- you will have to check what groups the old server belonged to, and add the new server to those.  Your directory admin server should have the directory full text indexed, so you can go to the groups view on that server, and full text search on the old server name.  Edit each one, and paste in the new server name as a member.  Not much point in scripting this piece, unless you have 100 or more found in the search.  You shoudl not need to make any other group updates, because the existing gorups should still be good now that you have added the new server wherever the old server appeared.

Adding server to ACL -- here's a problem.  Theres no easy way to tell what the admin server is for each database. This is where you probably need some LotusScript. The same script could cover cases where the old server is not admin server but is explicitly listed in the ACL.

Roles -- where serevr is listed by group, that's covered by the group changes above.  Where the server is listed in the ACL explicitly, the LotusScript shoudl take care of it.

One last note.  You talk about adding the new server in and removing the old one.  Is that necessary? You usually need a transition, where bloth servers are in the ACL.  Then, with the old server decomissioned, is there any harm in leaving the old server name around? Or even if it is not deocmissioned?

Script: I can write one, but again, I don't think that's necessary.  Use the built in process. The script structure would be:

Get a list of all databases on the old server
Check ACL for each one
If old server is in ACL, make new entry mimicing it - which includes setting the same entry type, entry level, entry roles, and if the old server was admin server, removing the amdin server role and adding it to the new server

Note that you should create the new replicas immediately before or after doing this, depending on whether this process is needed to even grant access to the new server. If you create the replicas much later, you risk misisng admin processes running, e.g., if a user is renamed in the interim.
Admin server can be changed for multiple items via the Admin Client in the Files view.

I hope this helps !
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
I agree with qwaletee, I would use the built-in process. One other thing to consider is scheduled agents in any of these databases. Sometimes the servers are listed explicily in the schedule properteis and this will cause the agent to fail if it is not changed.
Database move process is also supposed to handle agent $MachineName assignment.
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