Outlook contacts randomly disappear

Using Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003

We have been having a few users complain that every so often one or two contacts disappear from their contacts. I have checked and rechecked to make sure the contact was not deleted by mistake or moved.   It seems to be totally random as to how many contacts disappear and from whom.

I have performed Virus/Spyware scans on these machines, which have not discovered anything.  This issue is probalby happening to several people, every now and then someone discovers a contact is missing (no they are not crazy, the contacts were there before).  Any ideas?
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lots of information missing here...
so, do they have any delegates?
anyone else have access to their mailbox?
do these users sync with anything? pda, goodlink, blackberry?
have you gone to a backup to actually verify (for sure) that these contacts were there, and when exactly they went missing?
any file level a/v on the exchange server? do you have proper directories excluded?

INV_supportAuthor Commented:
-Nobody else has mailbox access.
-his conacts are shared to certain users, but only as reviewer.  
-The mailbox does sync with a BES.
-Backup from a few weeks ago confirmed they were there
-File level AV is on Exchange server, the proper directories have been excluded.
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looks like i dropped the ball on this one. is the issue still occurring?

INV_supportAuthor Commented:
Yes, the issue did happen again, at one point he lost all of his contacts, but then they "magically" re-appeared (but not the first few that disapeared).  Not sure what is going on with it.  I asked him to monitor the number of contacts and let me know if/when there is a change so I at least have a timeline to filter out Event logs from the desktop/Exchange/BES.  Havn't heard anything new from him thou.
I have had the same issue with a couple of user and we too sync with a BES server, we are running Exchange 2003.  Funny thing though, on reboot the "missing contact" appear again...does anyone have an idea on this?
INV_supportAuthor Commented:

I think the problem is now resolved.  Someone else began having the problem, however this persons contacts never reappeared.  It also turns out that the second person happened to be the first person's secreatary, so I am certain the two issues were linked.  It turns out that the second person had a program called "CardScan" installed which ties into Outlook and manages contacts, the program was importing (and removing) contacts from Outlook so it could mange them.  I had the user uninstall the program and we have not had any issues since
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