What is the best ebook reader device?

I do a lot of reading and would like to buy an ebook reader device.  I have a Cingular 8525 (same as HTC Tyn I think), but the screen isn't very large and that might not be good for long books.

Can anyone relate their experience on this?  I'd love for it to be the size/weight of a paperbook, since I always have one of those in my briefcase anyway.
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leeds2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
And you may want to check out this page aswell :)

alot of spam here, sorry bout this


There are a good review on the cybook here --> http://reviews.zdnet.co.uk/hardware/handhelds/0,1000000735,39184547,00.htm

and here --> http://www.teleread.org/blog/?p=2612
Sony PRS-500 review --> http://www.thetravelinsider.info/travelaccessories/sonyprs500ebook.htm

also a video of a Sony ebook reader device --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sKBsp77PY0

I have not used one myself, but atleast these links could help you make your mind. I didnt find any other reviews then the Sony, but il be on lookout and post if i find any :)
Found another 1 :)

ebookwise 1150 --> http://www.bowindex.com/et2/
Mikal613Connect With a Mentor Commented:

This will give you a rundown of the available eBook readers size and specs.
MrDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Wow these are great suggestions!  I'm going to split the points guys, since that wiki was really helpful too
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