winmgmt.exe 99% windows 2000 sp4

Is there  an easy way to get this service under control - winmgmt.exe 99% windows 2000 sp4
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Yeah, upgrade to 2003.  =(

I'm having the same problem.  I had to cut back my monitoring intervals that was causing the problem to only once an hour.  It still pegs the machine for a bit when it runs.  I've tried numerous reg hacks, etc.  No solution yet.  Interestingly it's only on 2 of my 5 w2k boxes, so it has to be some configuration differnece.  Just haven't found it.
xsoldierAuthor Commented:
the PC is due to be retired in a few months, just curious if there was a way around it. I just disabled the service in the meantime...
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