Viewing Computer Description in "My Network Places" in VISTA

Hi Everybody,

I just upgraded my laptop from XP Pro to Vista Business. I use my laptop more on for administering small network. Everything seems to be doing fine and well, so far so good.

My slight problem is, in XP when I browse "My Network Places" in Detail View, I can see in one column the Computer Description of the workstations. Now, in Vista when I view in detail all the computer in the network, it just show me the computer name, workgroup, network location, in the columns.

How can go around this so I can see the Computer Description of the workstation?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Well, I take that "partially" back:  you CAN enter a Computer Description by right clicking Computer on the Start Menu, thus taking you to the Computer Properties page, and then in the section that is called Computer Name, Domain, and Workgroup Settings, you can enter a Computer Description field (mine did not have one before, but I just entered one) if you click on the link for "Change Settings".  But this cannot be shown in the View Computers and Devices window.  If you instead click on the "View full map" link of the Network and Sharing Center, you will be able to see the Computer Description if you right click on your computer and choose Properties.  However, this does not seem to work if you right click on another computer in the network, because it doesn't give you an option to display a Properties page.
You should be able to add the missing column by right clicking on any column header or check the view options to add columns.

I hope this helps !
If you're looking at the same Network view I see (Network and Sharing Center -> link for View Computers and Devices), then it looks like you CANNOT do that.  Assuming you do not have the Menu Bar displayed (with the File, Edit, View, etc. menus on it), then hold down the Alt key and type the V key to pull down the View Menu.  Then click on Choose Details...   You will see that the only other column you can add is Discovery Method.
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basti-gwapoAuthor Commented:
I can do all what you said above and also I can access the "Choose Details" by right-clicking the Column Header/Bar and checking the check box what column to dispaly. And mine has everything checked already. There are only five columns that Vista can display (as far as I can see here), Name, Category, Workgroup, Network Location, and Discovery Method.

What I'm trying to do is, if possible, to add another column called "Computer Description". This column or field are displayed in "My Network Places" in a detailed view in XP. You know, when you go to right-click "Computer" in the start menu and choose Properties, you'll see "Computer Description" there under "Computer Name, Domain, and Workgroup Setting", this is in Vista. In XP you right-click "My Computer" and then choose Properties, then in the System Properties dialog box choose "Computer Name" tab, then you'll see the "Computer Description" I'm talking about.

That's the one I'm trying to display in the "View Computers and Devices" in Vista. Because in XP you can do this. I just don't know if you can do this in Vista, the reason why I'm searching for help. It's not really a mission critical issue, but I just thought it would be nice if Vista has it.

Hope this make sense.

Thanks again and I will wait more for other suggestion or solution how to do this.
Well, as I said above, there is no such field available for Computer Description.  As a matter of fact, under System Properties, there is no tab (as in XP) where you can even enter such a field.  So the answer is, in short "you can't."
You might be interested to know that you're not the only person who has found this deficiency of Vista to be rather aggravating.  See this page, for example:
Computer Description in Network (neighbourhood)
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I've found an answer for this one.

From an XP computer on your domain, create a shortcut to your network:
1. Open My Network Places
2. Click "Entire Network" on the left.
3. Open "Microsoft Windows Network"
4. Right-click your network and click "Create Shortcut"

Copy that shortcut to your Vista machine and you should be good to go.
basti-gwapoAuthor Commented:
WOW!!! Nice going PaulRKrueger!!! This is just what I need. Perfect for the meantime until Microsoft figure a way to really include it in Vista, unless they really don't have a plan of bringing this back to Vista.

Thanks again for the update.
I find an answer to that bug on another forum.

I was never able to get this working natively on my Vista64 box. However you can create a shortcut in XP and copy it to Vista and it works great.

Open My Network Places on a XP machine and expand Entire Network and MS Windows Network. Then drag your Domain to your desktop creating a shortcut. Finally copy that shortcut to your Vista box, double click and see the description in details view!

I test it, it work great
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