Easy schedualed USB backups for linux sme server?

Hello all. I am relatively new to linux so am a bit scared of the command line. I would like to setup a scheduled backup to a removable usb drive on the server and was wondering if someone can perhaps recommend an add in that would allow this from the GUI. I dont mind if this is an addon that I have to purchase so long as it is easy to use. Failing that is there a better easy to use distro for basic file serving with good backup facility.
It would also be nice if I could elect to keep say the last 7 or so backups so I could step back a day or so but this is not entirely critical.
Many Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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slyongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are going for commercial, you can look at

Arkeia (http://www.arkeia.com/)
BRU (http://www.tolisgroup.com/products/)
Acronis (http://www.acronis.com/)
basicinstinctConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I jsut set up a very similar backup using sbackup: http://sbackup.sourceforge.net/HomePage

I'm like you, I don't want to spend hours researching obscure commands and tweaking config files just to get something to work.  I got sbackup working in about 10 minutes from when I started installing it until I had the backups scheduled.

sbackup is all GUI (althoug I think you can use command line if you want to prove how l33t you are).  

I believe the 's' in sbackup stands for 'SIMPLE'.

That's it for sbackup, as for easy distros, I've tried a few and have found Ubuntu is by far the easiest, especially the latest release (Feisty Fawn).  I wouldn't touch another distro now that I have found Ubuntu, it is magic.

Forced accept.

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