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My only possible criticism would be on the main page [http://cooksvanilla.com/index.php] I couldn't figure out what that navigation bar was - It looks like a fast forward, rewind, and pause button. (I couldn't get it to work with my scripts enabled, or disabled). It also looks a little cut off, and the corners stand out against the gradient background.

I'm afraid thats nit-picky against the rest of it. I really dig the suggestion box at the end of product descriptions to inform of typos, or problems - many times I've seen something incorrect on a web page, or had a problem, and was just too lazy to find an email address to inform the owner. That, and the "I've got a question link." It even all worked without scripts enabled [with the exception of that navigation bar, possibly].
It looks good. A few issues though:

- Run your website through the w3c markup validation service. It shows you 51 'bugs' like a double closure of a href and similar. (http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fcooksvanilla.com%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0)
- Your front does not look good in safari. See screenshot: http://img181.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=70380_Cooks_122_436lo.jpg
- Same for Opera. The border disappears on the right (http://img21.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=70464_CooksOpera_122_1052lo.jpg)
- I would use a left padding on your search input box
- When u click the best sellers tab the loading animation is too close to the top
- There are some images missing (http://img180.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=70716_CooksImages_122_80lo.jpg)
- If one clicks on the search icon in the upper right it does not do anything

Other than above items it looks great.. easy to navigate.. fast loading.. nice to the eyes.. so nice work :)
One more I just came across.. When one wants to submit a review about a product. If nothing is entered the warning 'You must enter a Headline.' appears twice.
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Hi LC7Web,

The colors and design are VERY nice. On the nav "about vanilla", "our story" etc. however there is no way home. I had to click the small "home" link on the bottom of the page. I'd include a "home" link on top with the rest of them.

Also when I click on "featured products" or "best sellers", it takes a split second for the "Do you love vanilla?" article to drop down.

Under "our story", you may want to look at the history of vanilla:


The Aztecs did not call it vanilla, they called the bean tlilxochitl, or "black flower,". ..."The name came from the Spanish word "vainilla", meaning "little pod"."

Under the various products, you may want to center the image over the link bar (that says "details" and "add to cart"):


Under the left side nav, "special vanilla blends" (http://cooksvanilla.com/index.php?p=view_product&product_id=8) the top image does not have the oz. measurement, and the middle image with the green writing on the label is confusing; it does not seem to be part of anything which could be solved by removing or changing the horizontal separations (I think it's the 4 oz. bottle).

Generally very well done; colors, design.. very warm, inviting.
Visually stunning, as always.

Text is not resizable, and people over 50 may be a good proportion of the target audience.  

Full justification (as in text alignment, not argument) may be better for large paragraphs (especially on the about page - those paragraphs are enormous).  They also often don't line up with the images perfectly.

The page title doesn't change to reflect which page you're currently viewing (important for browsing history).

The pages re-layout quite a bit whilst the images are loading.  Some broken images.

The two tabs "featured products" and "best sellers" are not easy to see which is currently selected (especially because there are only two).  Ideally the selected tab should blend in with it's associated area (same background colour, no dividing line) the rest of the tabs should look as if they're behind.

The More button on the slideshow moves position between frames.

The four tabs at the top of every page are always "off" even when you are currently on one of those pages.

The links in the left hand column do not have very big clickable regions, you have to get the text exactly.  Not ideal for people that don't have fine-mouse control, which is not only people with physical coordination problems - have you ever used a dodgy laptop mouse?

Oh, I see in the Safari screen shots that nav bar is supposed to be a rolling product-special list.

It looks great after I enabled scripts for techxpress..
LC7WebAuthor Commented:
Wow, great feedback! Thanks!
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