NT4 terminal server, cant login to a newly promoted PDC

Working with a NT4 Domain, I have promoted a BDC to take the place of a failing PDC. Now I have a terminal server that cant find the PDC.
There are only two machines left on this domain. The Domain Controller and a nt4 terminal server. I grabed an old nt4 workstation and added it to the domain. it works fine, so I believe the PDC is handleing logon requests ok. not sure what ele to check.
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cciavolaAuthor Commented:
I got it, I just renamed the terminal server and readded it to the domain, all is OK. thanks anyway.
Do you have a WINS server on the new PDC, and is your TS configured to use it (instead of the old one)?
Then check the lmhosts (no extension!) file on the TS (in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc); the old PDC or its IP address shouldn't be found in there.
cciavolaAuthor Commented:
Yes WINS is running on the new PDC, LMHOSTS also points to new PDC ip.
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