Server 2000 Clock Running Fast

Potential New Client - Server is running Server 2000.  Clock on server (which cascades to the rest of the domain), gains around 5 minutes a day.

I went to cmd and "net time /" and then queried it and it was correct.  i then went to the services and restarted the time service.  but it did not update.

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fl4ianAuthor Commented:
i heard from the client.  the net time commands worked, i guess it just needed to run the 8 hours (i think) until it checked again.  so far so good.  thanks for the ideas, everyone.  And thanks tonydav67 for the application; i may need somethign like that in the future.

thanks again.

Could be a old battery of the motherboard.

I've had almost the same issue at a site gaining an hour every day on the server, which of course then played havok with the rest of the domain.

After playing around with Microsoft's articles on net time and on the whole wasting a heap of time I then installed Dimension 4 from Thinking Man Software (no affiliation).

This was a commercial site so I paid the registration fee.  From memory about $10-$20 - about a 1/10 of the cost of the time I'd wasted.

* Set the NTP server to
* Set the "how often" to every 5 minutes or so as it appears your clock is really out
* Ensure the "load at startup" box is ticked.
* On the Advanced page, tick the "load as service" option.

No problems since.  Only wished I'd found this program before wasting (and writing off) a whole heap of time.

Note that I'm not saying the approach you're following won't work.  I have it working at a number of sites.  But at this site the server time was out so much so quickly that the net time approach didn't work correctly.  And installing the above software took about 5 minutes including the download.  Really cheap option for my client.
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It might be an application bug that affects operating system -- see
Is the windows time service configured?
fl4ianAuthor Commented:
the points are not an issue, i have unlimited points, so it makes no difference if the points are refunded or not.  i actually asked to please cancel the question (as opposed to 'delete/refund') maybe i should've said please close the question, or something else?

i had a problem that i tried to fix, didn't fix, then was fixed with no further corections on my part, while the answers here were asked for, and appreciated, i did not implement them because the problem was resolved with what i had done initially (presumably).

should i have requested something else be done with the question, abandon it, or give the points to everyone, or something else.  doesn't matter to me, because in my mind the question is closed.

please let me know what i should do.
fl4ianAuthor Commented:
i agree to PAQ the question, however i don't know how to assign the points if i didn't actually try any of the suggestions?

IF the problem were not solved, I would address the ACPI/hal issue and see if that was it, then replace the battery, then go third-party for the application because I'm sure it would work, but i like to limit the extra software unless necessary.  I already know that the the time service is functioning, so i wouldn't have to test that.

however, like i said, i never tried any of the suggestions, because the problem was resolved with my prior interventions (we're assuming).

let me know:
1) how i should adress the points
2) how i should go about getting this PAQ'd
3) what i should ask for in the future to streamline the process.

thanks for the help, vee mod.
fl4ianAuthor Commented:
thanks, vee mod.
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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