Integrating Flex and Java

Hopefully Im asking this correctly, but Im looking for some guidance on what the best method for integrating a flex based application to Java is.  Is there some standard or approach?  The integration would involve multiple instances or deployments of the flex application all connecting to a single server across the net.  Any direction or assistance would be much appreciated.  Thanks
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There are a bunch of articles available in Adobe DevNet for you to study about Flex and Java.

And I guess the most important thing is how Flex and Java can communicate, that is how the data is transferred between them. There are 3 major approaches.

1) XML, it is easy but needs time to do all the XML construction and parsing works

2) Web Service, again... need parsing... but ensure that even you don't want to use Flex, you can still reuse the backend codings.

3) AMF3 Remote objects using WebOrb. I will suggest this one which have the best performance.

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