outlook 2003: when send is pressed, email sits in outbox

In outlook 2003:

when i press send the email goes to the outbox. it will sit there until i click on any other folder within outlook. if i do not, the email sits in the outbox.

i just reloaded the laptop with windows xp pro and office 2003 professional.

thanks for the assist.
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Greetings EFRTech !

With Outlook open, go to Tools > Options > Mail Setup.  Check "Send immediately when connected".

Click on the Send/Receive button on Mail Setup General tab. Make sure both options "Include this group in Send/Receive" are checked.  Make sure that your account is included in the Group to send.

Hope this helps, war1

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Thanks, war1
This problem is still an issue for our I.T. team. Any solutions?
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