Script to list network printer queu names on windows clients

Hi,, We have 1800 users connected to various print servers over Europe. Two of these servers are about to be removed from our domain. These servers have between them 400 printers setup. I'm trying to find away of querying all of our network clients and listing those machines that have printers connected to those two servers. I've had a look at some management tools with no real luck. I think the only way this can be done would be though a scripting tool or LDIFDE. Please advise if you can think of an efficient way of doing this
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thenoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
as long as the printers are static you can use

to collect the printers info and deploy it on the new server with no impact.
are you replacing these servers and trying to keep the printers?
Andrew689Author Commented:
Hi thanks for the quick response. We will be losing the servers and keeping the printers. However the printers will probably be redeployed to other print servers in the users geographical location. I'm really just trying to find out how many user machines will be affected once we shut these servers down. Once  I have an idea I can plan for re-deployment.
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