What is the best way to downgrade SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition?

Hi all--I'm looking for the cleanest way to downgrade a SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition SP2 to Standard Edition.  Is it possible to do this downgrade without actually uninstalling and reinstalling?

Note: I've been finding a reference or two on Google to two stored procedures which don't seem to be documented:


They aren't part of the master or msdb databases, so I'm wondering if they're tools found elsewhere.  Where can I find more information on how to load and execute them?

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... never heard of those procs ...

I would go for reinstalling.
Make sure to detach databases first, so you can attach them once the reinstall completes.
... or take backups.

Hope this helps ...
Glad I could be of any help ... sorry there is no easy way to go ...
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