Is there a way to stop windows media player from renaming music files?

Most of the time when a song (mp3 file) is added to my library in Windows media player it gets renamed to Artist-Song Name. If i look into the options on windows media under the Rip Music tab and clicking on "File name..." I can choose how ripped music will be named. The problem is ALL my music is being renamed to these settings, regardless of whether its been ripped or not. I've looked around and there are no other options, nor is there an option to disable the file name format in the rip music tab. I am looking to keep the original mp3 files' name and thats it. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix or bypass it? Thanks.
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Shadi-ElwanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the solution :

Step 1:
Go to :Tools >Options > Rip Music tab :
Rip Music tab:

then click on the ""File Name"" button and select 'Song Title' and click ""Move up"" button until 'Song Title' be in the top of the list then put a check mark on 'Song Title' and uncheck all the other options in the list.
and click ""OK"" button.

step 2:
Go to:Tools >Options >Library tab:
Library tab:

Uncheck 'Rename music files using rip music settings'
and click ""OK"" button

and we are done ;)
e12voltsdacAuthor Commented:
Wonderful. Thanks! I kept looking through the settings but couldnt find anything.
What do you mean by " bu couldn't find anything" ?
e12voltsdacAuthor Commented:
Oh, I meant that I couldn't find the option to stop windows media from renaming my files. I kept overlooking the "rename music files using rip settings" checkbox because it was under the Automatic media information section.
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