How come NEC LCDs are so expensive?

I am shopping around for a great non-wide screen lcd monitor for graphic design. Why are NEC LCD monitors so expensive?

I am looking at this model below.

Does NEC use professional lcd panels?

It just seems that $400+ for a 20" LCD is a bit much.
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They cost more because of the name.  Ten years ago, NEC was the class of the industry.  Today, I find them to be average to below average because of the model.  I resell a lot of LCD monitors and virtually none of the clients want NECs due to the price/performance barrier.

You might look at some of the Samsungs.  They have wide range of quality, but some of them are fantastic and relatively reasonable.  If you are looking for low-end, but reasonable there are a number of choices, but I would almost never go with NEC.  Just an average monitor for too much money.
stevef22Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply, I am looking for a high end 20" LCD monitor. I dont mind spending money as long as its a great monitor. Ive read many reviews about NEC on Newegg and so many people love NEC. Samsung seems to get average to above average reviews also. Hrmm.
Samsung just happened to be the one that comes to mind most for good quality.  There are other good ones as well.  I just can't justify the prices on the NECs.  That's personal opinion, but also the opinion of a number of customers as well.  You can also look at some of the computer manufacturers, but typically they are just average to slightly above average quality.

If you do look at the Samsungs, look at the higher end ones.  As to reviews, I would expect them to vary greatly depending upon the specific monitor.  The other thing to remember is that to some degree, monitors are a matter of personal taste.  You might want to look at some samples in stores first.  Remember as well that monitors specs are often deceptive.  Especially things like contrast ratios can be played with to make average monitors look better.
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Check out this one. Acer is hard to beat on price/performance. May not have the cachet of some other brands, but are excellent LCD displays, especially considering cost.
I use the Acers when customers want solid quality at bargain prices.  Acer has a bad reputation because of some of the things they put out about five to ten years ago, but I have to admit they have improved a lot since then.  However, if you are looking for really high-end monitors, I haven't seen any from Acer that fits the bill.
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