NEED Antivir for MOBILE

Hi all, I want to get an answer for next questions.
1. Which antivirus software is best for WM6 devices (windows mobile)
2. Any free =good software available
3. Also any software for sniffing GPRS traffic for mobile OS
4. Which antivirus soft will have  all needed functions (antivir, firewall, trafic monitor & counting, encryptor etc )
5. Does anyone had experience with AIRSCANNER products?

Tnx all and its urgent please share your knowledge's

best regards to all
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1) Airscanner is the known AV for Mobile

2) I wouldnt use a "Free" one



5) They are good , but i personally would not reccomend an AV software for the mere fact its not needed and will use up the limited resources already used for the PDA
ivanhoeitAuthor Commented:
After putting question here i went to googling and found airscanner , related websites. Actually in normal PC enviroment i used to use Kaspersky AV , coz kav is really good. And also thniking to use kav for mobile. Does anyone used KAV mobile before and how resource free and fast its working?  Actually im testing with Airscanner 3.0 and its seems eating a lot of resource and (its always checking files) PPC become too slow.
I havenot heard any reviews on KAV antivrus.
Airscanner was the number one, right behind mcafee
ivanhoeitAuthor Commented:
Ok. the reason why i want AV for mobile is, one of our companys VIP 's mobile GPRS getting too high and its having exact 1 hour delay between the gprs connection initiations . And monthly payment having too much.  Actually VIP using exchange on mobile and its set to receive as items receive. Do you have sugestion on this what i should check?
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