How do I create a Custom Listview Control in C# that includes Drag and Drop from one Listview to another on the same form?

I am using VS2005 on XP.  I need to create a Custom Listview control that includes drag and drop capability between two ListViews on the same form.  The forms are childern of an  mdi form and I am just trying to avoid repeated code for each and every Listview that requires this capability.

Any help showing me how to change from repeating the same drag and drop functionality for each Listview and moving to a custom control that can be used for each child form will be greatly appreciated!
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know how to implement the drag and drop (examples below), but I don't know how to implement this code into a custom object...

Drag And Drop in ListView

Custom listview (overriding events)
Drag and Drop List View
wpm0001Author Commented:
Yeah - I've seen these and more.

The CodeProject one does so much that I can't get a handle on it and the other one isn't worth anything.  Click anywhere and items are added.  Even I could do that (not that I would of course)!

I'm increasing the point value.  Anyone?
wpm0001Author Commented:
This was a pathetic and open-ended post.  

I didn't really get what this place was about and I am sorry about that.  I'll be more reasonable in the future.  Dhaest: deserves the points just for putting up with me...

wpm0001Author Commented:
Sorry for being a boob!
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