"c103b405: Could not locate root folder" and "Error 0x8004010f occurred while performing a site folder check for Public Folder Store"

At this time, I get these 2 errors in Exchange 2K3:
"Error 0x8004010f occurred while performing a site folder check for Public Folder Store" in the event log and
"c103b405: Could not locate root folder" when I try to View the Public folders in ESM.
Also the clients are unable to view the public folders.
This occurred after a Database Page Cache Error (ESE 474) on both the Priv1.edb and pub1.edb files.  So I tried to fix the pub1.edb file using "eseutil /p D:\Exchsrvr\mbddata\pub1.edb" and afterwards "isinteg -s mgx-bru-001 -fix -test allfoldertests".
I recreated the exchweb folders, but this does not help (was described in an MS KB article).
Does anyone have an idea what I can do except for anything shown in Google?
BTW: not SBS 2003 and no URLscan on server.

Bert Linders
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aeitsupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, as no one knows the answer here, I found it myself.
To resolve this, first dismount the store.
Then you must move the edb and stm files to a new location and moutn the store again.  This will recreate new edb and stm files (empty ones).  Then dismount and mount the empty store again to be sure it works.
Now, move the old edb and stm files back into place.  Run eseutil /p on the edb to repair it, and then mount the store again.  Now it works fine.
Thanks to myself for finding it.
I used this solution and it worked great! thanks for coming back and posting the solution....
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