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I've got a server with a Intel SE7525RP Motherboard and 1x Corsair 1GB ECC DDR2 Memory chip on it.
The server has lately started to give an error when I reboot it.

Before it goes into Windows (while loading the BIOS) it stops and give me the following errors:

1.  Error (8502) Bad memory in DIMM 1A
2.  Error (8508) All memory marked as failed. Force all memory back online [PRESS F2)

I have replaced the memory chip and I still get the same error

Any ideas on what this can be?

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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Maybe the slot went bad or you got bad replacement RAM. First reset your BIOS to defaults, maybe you changed some memory timing value to a wrong one. Then run memtest86+ on all modules separately, and also in different slots. You'll find memtest86+ on the UBCD.
can also be a bad ram controller (onboard)  - then you need another mobo ...
Jeanne_SATSAuthor Commented:
Dear all

I found the problem... I replaced the ram chips. After that I still got the same error on when I boot saying that the memory in slot A0 is marked as failed.

I went into the BIOS. There is a option rescan memory <DISABLED>. I enabled it and the problem was gone!!

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