Turning on or resetting the dont show this message option

We haave a computer that runs an application in windows, for someone reason it requires messages to be displayed using the windows message box, however one of oue users has checkd the dont show this message again box.  Is there any way this can be reset without reinstallaing the machine
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It depends : either in registry or in files.
Get something like process monitor : http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/utilities/processmonitor.mspx it shows you file and registry activity : you can narrow it to that epicor software executable and see through the activity if you see something meaninful.

Otherwise, you can use InstallRite ( http://www.epsilonsquared.com/installrite.htm ) which will create a first snapshot. Then you will have to change a setting in the epicor program, and make the second snapshot in InstallRite which will display you which files and registry entries changed between the first and second snapshot.
Yes, you have to find where the software stores its settings (registry, ini file, for example) and change them manually.
Is it a internal software or can it be downloaded somewhere so I can have a look ?
leehewsonAuthor Commented:
no its internal software, by a company called epicor. where do programs usually store this info
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
you can try a system restore to a previous date, to get out quickly
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