Using Microsoft logon to determine absenteeism and late coming to work

We have been directed by our human resources to use our systems to determine when staff resume for work and determine those who do not turnup at all for work.
We run microsft XP at our desktops and have active directory setup. we intend to use the logon time to determine this.. any ideas ?
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The user logon is recorded in the security log (assuming that auditing of logon events is enabled) and the username/time and machine are identified. Howerver there are several issues that you will need to overcome.

Firstly the logon events will be burried in the event log with loads of other stuff so you will have to do some serious filtering and/or exporting of the logs to another application - such as a database to anaylse them. You can easily export the log to a CSV file

Secondly, if you have multiple Domain Controllers the logon event could be on any one of them so you will need to pull the security events from them all - there is a utility called EventComb which can do this.

Alternativly there are add-ins that you can get/buy which will assist. Limitlogin for example not only limits logins (if desired) but also produces some useful logs
Farhan KaziSystems EngineerCommented:
Greeting Oandosupport,

Try following it will give users last login date with time.

Click Start -> Run -> Cmd.exe -> OK

FOR /F %u IN ('DSQuery * -Filter "(sAMAccountType=805306368)" -Attr samAccountName -Limit 0') DO @ECHO %u &@NET USER %u /Domain |FIND /I "Last logon"

To save results in file

FOR /F %u IN ('DSQuery * -Filter "(sAMAccountType=805306368)" -Attr samAccountName -Limit 0') DO @ECHO %u &@NET USER %u /Domain |FIND /I "Last logon" >>UsersLoginInfo.txt

Check 'UsersLoginInfo.txt' file

Hope this helps!
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
.. I forgot the link for eventcomb -
Farhan KaziSystems EngineerCommented:
Any update Oandosupport?
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