getimagesize not following symlink - images display however (FC6 + Plesk)

Running Fedora Core 6 with Plesk installed. (Virtual Host)

Have a symbolic link pointing to an image directory in another subdomain.  Have put a 'vhosts.conf' file allowing to FollowSymLinks, which appears to be working just fine as the images are displayed appropriately.

I need to do a getImageSize in order to prepare for popping a new window with a larger image for 'view larger image' type functionality.  So, images load/display fine, but when I call

$imgPath = "./images/products/".filename.jpg;
list($width, $height, $type, $attr) = getimagesize($imgPath);

I don't get any values in my variables.  Yet images does exist and does display.

I don't understand why.  Have put a test in and am getting is_readable as false.

Any ideas on this one?


Bob McCormick
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Maybe open_basedir restriction is in effect which prevents you reading those files via php, but not via apache
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