Could I get a Wifi SmartCard or USB to help?

I'm in a restaurant trying to study.  The only problem is I can't get on-line.  The spot I'm at doesn't provide a WiFi connection.  However, the spot accross the street (about 150 feet away) is a hot spot for AT&T customers.  When in the restaurant I can't pick up the frequency from this hot spot.  But that is just trying to connect with the provided WiFi network card in my laptop.  Is there a USB or SmartCard that could increase the chances of picking up these frequencies in different locations?  When I'm just a little further away.
William RichardsonAsked:
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skatsevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some wireless devices do get better reception than others, but before you go spending money... see how close you need to be to the other restaurant to receive signal.  If you need to be practically all the way across the street, you won't be able to increase the signal that much.

Also, make sure you won't be in violation of any terms of your AT&T contract by using someone else's hotspot :)
William RichardsonAuthor Commented:
That hotspot is there for AT&T subscribers.  Anyone can use it if they have an AT&T account.  And I do have an AT&T account.  But, I guess I might have to take my laptop outside.  To see how close I have to be to pick up this wireless connection.
William RichardsonAuthor Commented:
Well I guess I can't pick up this broadcast by just going outside so I will not mess with it.  However, there is another restaurant that I had my laptop in and it did get a Internet connection.  Looking up the MAC address online it was from a public library.  And that was more than a half mile away.  That is why I was wondering if just accross the street might be capable.  Thanks though.
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