Execute a file via Browser

Hi again :o)

Thanks to MerijnB, I've registered a file extension which executes my application.

This works great BUT I need to go a bit further...

Now that I've got to create a link on a HTML page that links a file with my new extension, this I've done but when I click on the html link it doesn't execute it so my application is not opening.

Just link when you click on a link .pdf or .doc etc...it opens the application associated with it.

I created a html file to test it but it won't work:

<title>Execute my Application Bla</title>
  <a href="test.vra">Launch My App</a>

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Due to security restrictions web browser standard settings will not allow you to do this.

There are other ways to do this via shell but you will continue to have problems as the average home user will at least have medium security browser settings and a firewall protecting their pc.

I could show you many ways to execute and external application via your web browser but I would be just waiting your time as in practical 95% of the times it will not work.

I'm not trying to tell you that it cannot be done because it can but if it's not practical.

Hope you find a way around it.

Let me know if you still want to go ahead and I'll show you ways to do it.
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Anyone? I'm sure someone must know how to do this!  
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Thanks for answering to my question!!!  I'm leaving the research for now but I'm not giving up :o)

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