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Web Services or SOAP on Linux with Apache setup

I built a website for a recruitment agency about 15 months ago with a custom CMS to manage jobs, candidates, pages, mailing lists etc etc.

Now this company is installing a piece of software called Bond Adapt (www.bondadapt.com).  However I was asked today if the website I built could be connected to this software.  Apparently this software allows you to add a new job into the Bond Adapt system and it will be posted to all the recruiter websites.  For example, oilcareers.com, s1jobs.com, monster.com etc etc.  

The only way that I know this can be done is to use web services which requires a Windows based server running IIS.  Since the web server I'm using for the website is running Linux with Apache I'm not too sure Web services will work?  I went and done a little bit if research and found out that a protocol called Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) can be used by exchanging XML-based messages over HTTP or HTTPS to another computer.  I think this is how trackbacks on blogging applications work but they use XML-RPC family which SOAP came from...

The website is PHP based so do you think this will work?  I have looked up: http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.soap.php for examples, but they are poor so I need some more that explain everything?  How does the SOAP process the XML or how does the SOAP server know to look for new requests or response to requests etc etc?  Example code snippets would be useful too.

I also checked with the host (www.bluehost.com) if SOAP was supported and it is...
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Can you claryfy if you need to implement a SOAPClient (your side needs to feed the data to their side) which is much easlier or if you need to implement a SOAPServer on your side so www.bondadapt.com can pull the info and use them on their system.

e.g if you add a job on your side you call the SOAP-Server at www.bondadapt.com and inform them about new jobs?
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
the bondadapt software will not be pulling nothing from the website i built.  the website will only accept requests from the bondadapt system and process the request (parse the XML file and insert the data into the database).

>>e.g if you add a job on your side you call the SOAP-Server at www.bondadapt.com and inform them about new jobs?

yes - a staff member will post new job on the bondadapt system and the job will be send to the server for processing (i think - if thats how it works).
You dont need SOAP for this.   Check into their Connect Module and talk to their support team.

It sounds like the are going to call you with an XML file, so you just parse the XML file and do the function.
I would hope the XML has a function element so you know if you are adding, deleting, etc.....or they might keep it simple and call a differnt PHP app.

It would also be faster to write your own little foreach loop to parse the xml records.  the XML functions in php lacked...but if you have to use it, you will need to remember print_r
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ellandrdAuthor Commented:
Wait a minute im not getting what your saying.  How can bondadapt system send an XML file to the website I built?
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
>>Check into their Connect Module and talk to their support team.

OK I spoke to the developers at Bond Adapt and they said they will be sending the data in an XML file format and their perferred method was to save the XML file on the server using FTP.  There software would make a FTP connection.

After that It was up to me to do the rest... which im not too sure about how im going to handle the rest.

I have looked into XML-RPC and some examples of this which I have also got working on the server.  

I was also suggested to parse the XML file like this: http://www.domain.com/parser.php?file=file.xml

What do you think?  please advise.

ellandrdAuthor Commented:
here is my example that i got working using XML-RPC:

server is my homepage:  http://www.seandelaney.co.uk/server.php

client is recruitment homepage: http://www.quest-recruiting.com/bondadapt/client.php

when you run client.php it send a request to the server and the server responds with the result...

however how would i get the client to send the XML file full of job details?

I can provide these files for download if you want.
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