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I'm migrating an App from Access 2002 to Access 2007. I have a number of reports that have one or graphs as subreports. Worked absolutely perfectly in 2002. When run in 2007 some are missing. I can open the subreports on their own and they are perfect, but when included on the main report they disppear. Normally there are two graphs as separate subreports side by side on a landscape report with other data above the graphs. Mostly it is the right hand graph that has disppeared but in some cases both (there are a number of reports built like this.

I have a hunch it is to do with margins, borders, page sizes etc.... Normally if a report gets too big it spills onto two pages - this appears not to be happening. I've checked all properties etc - there no underlying VBA to get in the way.

Any bright ideas to point me in the right direction?


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Kelvin SparksAsked:
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Try making the subreports larger (from 5 inches to 7 inches) .
Kelvin SparksAuthor Commented:
Didn't solve it, but lead me to the solution, so I'll give you the points. Answer was to delete the subreport & placeit back on the main report exactly as it was. Nothing different, but it reappeared.
Thanks for the grade and the points.
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