Exchange 2007 on seperate domain on within an existing network

I am trying to install exchange server 2007 on a server on our domain. It brings up an error stating that our network is a mixed network and it needs to be a native 2000/2003 or higher. Would it be easier to just create a new domain on the same network with this server to bypass the changing of the other servers? Our concern is that the other server applications may have issues if converted to native. If creating another domain is a good idea then are there any issues that could arrise?

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LeeDerbyshireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends on how much trouble it would be to convert your AD to native.  Unless you still have NT servers then that would be much easier, I think.  Adding another domain seems unnecessarily complex to me.  But you may get other opinions.

If you are concerned about particular applications, then you need to contact the vendors, but I've never known an application to care about the AD mode.
what do you currently have in your envrionment?
eli290Author Commented:
We dont have any NT servers, all 2000 and 2003 right now.
then you just need to change your AD mode..
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