Emails sent with Word Attachments received as garbled text and as three separate parts.

My client sends an email from Outlook Express, attaching a Word 95 document. I receive the email in Outlook at the other end in three parts. The text of the email itself contains garbled text, that looks a bit like "encrypted text" sometimes appears.  The attachment in each of the three emails is labelled either [1, [2, [3 as if the 74KB word file had been explicitly split in to three parts. The Word file is also completely garbled as well as split in to three parts.That is the symptom, though it is important to note that this does not happen for ALL of this client's Word Attachments, only for the documents over 50KB. We have scanned for viruses/spyware, using Norton AV 2007.
Any help welcomed on this very strange problem. Client has:
Windows XP SP2
Office 95
Outlook Version 6
Laptop PC with Celeron Processor a year old and 1GB of RAM.

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Hello cprelude,

Outlook Express has an option to split the emails if it is over 50kb.  Disable the option.  

With OE open, go to Tools > Account Settings.  
Click on the account that is being used to send and select Properties.  
Click the Advanced tab.
By Sending, uncheck "Break apart messages larger than x kb".
Click OK to apply.


Try disabling Norton on both the sending and receiving computers. On occasion, Norton's email scanner can cause havoc.
cpreludeAuthor Commented:
Hi Dominic...We tried disabling the scanner for both send/receive on the client computer (I have a different A/V programme anyway). Anyway, we disabled it and restarted Outlook Express. And, guess what, the scanner seemed still to be active, as the icon kicked in in the taskbar area anyway...I.e., disabling it appeared to make no difference to the scanning behaviour. Which really stumped me.
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Can you try sending it to yourself or someone else (that doesn't have Norton) to see if it still breaks it up?
cpreludeAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much war1...That was BANG-ON...You're a star...And saved me hours and hours of headaches.
Glad to help, cprelude!
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