Install a software on all machines in the file.


I have some softwares that need to be installed in specific  machines.I have them in the form of exe files and Msi files.
How do i install them on all machines that are in the file.Any way i can do this without the GPO or software distribution softwares.
Any script that can help me doing this...

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StashioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep and it's nice and easy too.
You want PsExec by Sysinternals/Microsoft found here:

...and it'll read machine names from a file! Bonus :)

pstrawserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what i use is  GFI LanGuard, Network Security Scanner  to deploy .msi install
bsharathAuthor Commented:
I want some free way of doing this.
GFI Languard does it install a client or any service on the client machines
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