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Need to get email to user with same .com domain as local to forward to ISP.


I have a SBS 2003 server using the POP Connector to download the email from the provider and drop into the mailboxes.  The outgoing uses the SMTP Connector and fowards all email to the ISP.

The .local domain is the same as the .com domain.  (I wish I hadn't done it that way).

Here is the problem:

I have two users who work in office and out of office.  Neither of them use the POP Connector to get their email.  It all comes directly through a POP Account setup on their laptops.  

email:  bob@random.com
domain username:  bob

When an employee that in local on random.local emails "bob" the email never gets forwarded outside the domain.  It always just dumps it into bob's mailbox.  I've tried this link:


Nothing seems to work.  If I can get it to work as it stands great.  Otherwise I think I'll have to change their domain usernames so that their email username doesn't exist.  I think that will force it to send to the ISP by using instructions in the above link.  

Thanks for any advice!
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Dave StringfellowIT managerCommented:
you need to delete "bob"'s mail box, that link you followed only works if the user is not in the organsation.

If you need "bob" to have a mailbox, make a contact in AD, attach some email address thats not in use in the  AD (ie bobsexternalaccount@domain.com) and then send a copy of that mail within "bob"'s account to that contact. this will then send the email out as it cant resolve bobsexternalaccount@domain.com within your domain.

Good luck
blumbraAuthor Commented:
Just as I suspected.  Thanks!

Do not delete their mailboxes as you stated that they do occasionally work in the office.

Using CONTACT as Dave suggested requires you to have another email "domain" apart from your own. What I meant is, you cannot forward your internal email to this user's address if using the @random.com. However you can do this to forward to a seperated email address such as @hotmail.com or @yahoo.com

I recommend the remote users to use OWA, which means he can check emails anywhere he wants (as long as he has internet connection). If he is keen to use Outlook as his email then perhaps he can use RPC over Https.
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