Exchange current sessions connected times very long

I am running Exchange 2003 on Server 2003.

Email delivery has been slow today.  SMTP mail and local exchange mail is not being delivered.  When I check the "Default SMTP Virtual Server" "Current Sessions" I see a list of sessons with very long connection times.  17096 Seconds and counting.  When I check the settings for SMTP it show the connection timeout as 10 minutes.  

Is this Normal?

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SMTP is involved with delivery of email to groups.
However if the server is being thrashed then it will affect the overall operation of Exchange.


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Check DNS
redcelltechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would validate what the host are. Could be a device trying to use you as a relay.

What queues are the messages in, if any?

Can you telnet to port 25 on the exchange server?

Are all of the services running?

Are your stores mounted.

The fact the internal mail is not working leads me to believe the stores may be offline. Do you recieve and bounce messages when one internal user sends a message to another?
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That is usually down to one of two reasons.

1. A spammer is attacking your server.
2. Something is interfering with SMTP traffic and they aren't terminating correctly. AV, Antispam and firewalls are notorious for that.

You need to ensure that any SMTP scanning features are disabled in the firewall and any desktop AV.


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brittonvAuthor Commented:
Well I rebooted the exchange server and the problem went away, gotta love Windows.

To answer the questions, yes I could telnet to port 25.  Mail was accetped but not delivered.  All Exchange services running and Stores were online.  

Since rebooting my sessions are a couple minutes max.  I assume that the SMTP service had crashed.  However I didn't think that SMTP had anything to do with delivering mail sent locally with Exchange using a MAPI connection?

I have a similar problem with Exchange Server 2k3 however i am able to send mail internaly no problem.
however i see the connections in the Current Sessions under Protocols / SMTP
but non of the mail is getting delivered.
I checked all the services and they are started and running, i disabled AV checking of the mail.
Ensured that DNS is doing lookups etc
I Have a Relay list of only allowed deny all others.
Any suggestions.
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