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Good Morning Experts,

I bought a new Acer Laptop and forgot it came pre-loaded with Norton internet security. Before I tried uninstalling it I installed Norton Corp 10. It failed on the starting service part. Tried Removing Internet Security now what failed. So I am stuck with Internet security and Corp on the computer and cant seem to get them off. I have tried using - NoNav, SymNRT, and Norton_Removal Tool.exe.

Thanks Guys,

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Hi Derek,
I would try running all of those again - but in "Safe Mode".
The Norton/Symantec products are tenacious once they are installed.

phototropic's advice may be the only way to go - most new computers come with a 'restore' CD that does not include the AV application, so you could get just your basic OS back on there - without the Norton.

"...I have tried using - NoNav, SymNRT, and Norton_Removal Tool.exe..."
So despite downloading and running each of these utilities, Norton Internet Security is still in the Program list?  That sounds very wierd...
I guess the next step is a system restore to before the Norton Corp 10 install, and then try NoNav or Symnrt again.  A manual registry cleanup will be tricky because there is so much Symantec material...
Have you tried disabling ALL Symantec startups and services in msconfig, reboot and run Symnrt or NoNav again?  (start - run - msconfig - startups )
Since you tried to install Corp over IS, try these instructions:

How to manually uninstall Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8.x Client on Windows NT/2000/XP

I know these instructions are for the 8.x edition, but I couldn't find anything on10.x

When you're done, try the NoNav or SYMNRT again.
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derekrufAuthor Commented:
do those instructions apply to Norton Internet security?

Thank You,

They apply to Corp 8, and since I could not find anything specific to Corp 9 or Corp 10 figured they would be worth a try here. In your question, you noted, "Before I tried uninstalling it I installed Norton Corp 10." My theory is that if you follow the instructions and are able to remove whatever of Corp 10 that was installed, you might then be able to use one of the other Norton tools, NoNav or SYMNRT to successfully remove Norton Internet Security.

Another option would be to download and install the Microsoft Windows Install Cleanup Utility

and try the removal(s) that way.

Try to install a osftware called Your Unninstaler, and try to do the unnninstall with that program. It's very good because it also removes registry entries.
derekrufAuthor Commented:
I ended up calling symantec, the new version of Norton Removal Tool was even giving me problems with expiring. We ended up going in safe mode, deleting HKLM/Software/Symantec, HKCU/Software/Symantec, registries, Deleting the Folders C:\program files\common files\sysmantec, and C:\program files\symantec, and then running the Norton Removal Tool. Everything was removed and I could install other virus scanners.
Good show.
So the answer is: Never install Norton/Symantec products?

Since you answered your own question, post a new question titled "PAQ/Refund" in CS-G ( and be sure to include the URL to this question in the body.

Thank you for the points, but I still think a PAQ/Refund was in order.
Very cordial of you.

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