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Browsing network folders not responding

Hello all,

We have an issue with navigating network folders. We are running XP sp2 in a 2k3 environment. I can recreate the issue by browsing 4+folders deep into any network folder. ex J:\sample\test\response\reply. By the time you get to the "Reply" folder and go to click on the next folder the title bar states "Not Responding" for 10-30 seconds. Then it will let you browse further. This is not a major issue just a nagging one. If you need more info please ask.

1 Solution
These are shared folders on a server or a PC?
David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
how are the pcs connecting to the network?  vpn?  
azjagAuthor Commented:
All the computers connect to the servers and we have folders shared on the network.  All 700 pc's connect through a standard cat5e Ethernet to the 84 servers. It happens to me as a domain admin when browsing through folders so it's not a rights or access issue. But it is happening to all users. It happens at all hours of the day and night so it's not a bandwidth issue or tied to a specific time of day.
You might be authenticating with Active directory to determine if you have authenticated rights to the folder. The forth folder back may have more users or groups than the first folder. So, active directory may be reviewing the rights on that folder.  

Another thing  this could be is this folder has more pictures or data to display then previous folders. So, it takes a few to load up.

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