Symantec AV - MS Exchange Auto-Protect is it necessary?

We are running Symantec AV Corp 10.1 on all workstations. As you already know they have the option for "Microsoft Exchange Auto-Protect" and I was curious to see if we should be leaving them on or taking them off.

We are running MS Exchange 2003 Enterprise. We also have an IronPort C100 filtering content, SPAM, etc. thus I wanted to see if it is still necessary to enable the MS Exchange Auto-Protect on Symantec AV.
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Hypercat (Deb)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The engine that runs autoprotect for emails (RTVScan.exe) is the same engine as the one that runs autoprotect for files.  So, once you have autoprotect turned on at all, you may as well have it turned on for emails as well as files. It does not use any more (or less) resources on the workstation.  The same applies for files/folders on the workstation that need to be excluded from scanning.  Moreover, it's the file scanning function of autoprotect that can cause problems, not the email scanning function.  I certainly hope you have the file scanning turned on, since if you don't then the application isn't doing a thing for you and might as well not be installed. The only files/folders on workstations that I've ever found to be affected by AV scanning is the spool folder, which I do exclude from the autoprotect scanning.  If you are using SAVCE and you know how to configure it properly using the Symantec System Center, then it's not difficult at all to set these parameters for all of the workstations on your network.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
My theory about this is that more protection is always better. I have anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spam scanning going on at the network level, also, but I always turn on the autoprotect for email on the workstations on all networks that I manage. Is the IronPort device scanning for viruses as well as spam and content?  If not, you definitely need some level of antivirus protection for email.  And what if something goes wrong with the IronPort device? Do you have a specific and good reason for NOT turning on the SAV autoprotect for email?
RTM2007Author Commented:
Mainly just the resources pulled from AV on the workstation, in addition to not knowing if it "interferes" as it does with the server version (ex. OMITTING Exchange database files from the AV engine (exclude).
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