When using DSADD, I've been unsuccessful specifying the Logon Name.  Ive had no trouble specifying Display Name, Profile, Email Address..., but no matter what I try, Logon Name on the Account tab of the Users Properties in ADUC always ends up blank.  Suggestions?
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-samid "test4" will create a samAccountName of "test4".

- upn "test4@mydomain.com" will create a UPN of "test4@mydomain.com".

dsadd user /? will show you all of the available attributes that you can set at time of creation, including firstname, lastname, display name, description, etc.
It's difficult to help if you don't show us what you've already done, what the error was and what you intended to do ... can you provide more information.
jdanaAuthor Commented:
Sure.  Here's a simple example:

dsadd user "cn=Test User 4,cn=users,dc=mydomain,dc=com" -pwd Password -disabled no

The dsadd is successful. I open properties for Test User 3 in ADUC, go to the Account tab, the User Logon Name is blank.  What switch do I need to add in the command to include the User Logon Name?
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