Outlook 2003 stuck at send/receive 98%, other Exchange users can send & receive.

Outlook 2003 send/receive stuck at 98% receiving from Exchange server.

Windows Server 2003 (small business) SP2
Windows XP client (all current patches)
Office 2003

We have one user whose computer churns and seems to stop at 95 - 98% completion on the send/receive status bar.  All other client computers are working well.

Status of exchange server, all services are normal.

This use also has two laptops that connect to exchange, but they are not presently connected to the network.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does the problem follow the user to another machine?
If not, then it is most likely an Outlook profile problem. Delete and recreate.
If it does, then it is probably a corrupt item in one of the folders.


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4RunnerBobAuthor Commented:
It was associated with the profile.  The user had a sync configured to a PDA that was no longer present, which was holding up the Outlook Sync.

Thanks for you help.
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