Cannot print to HP 4050 PCL local printer after user tried to install label printer.

USer tried installing a Seiko Label printer and now cannot print to local HP4050 PCL printer. Tried uninstalling turning off printer and rebooting PC. Still no worky.
User gets: Subsystem:Kernel, Error:IllegalOperatorSequesnce, Operator: EndChar, Position:7
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Check the print spooler service on the PC.  Sometimes those small printers disable it.

Right Click "My Computer", Click "Manage", Expand "Services and Applications", Click on Services.  In the left pane, scroll down to "Print Spooler" and ensure that "started" is diplayed under the status column.  If not, Right Click on "Print Spooler", then click Start.

techscott2007Author Commented:
Ended up deleting the win32/spool/drivers and downloaed and installed the 4050 PCL 5e driver and it worked.
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