A question regarding TFS to NSS

A simple question and hopefully a simple solution:

Do I have to have the server plugged into the network to upgrade the SYS volume to NSS?  I have a new server I am imaging from old hardware and  I need to upgrade the SYS volume to NSS from TFS before it goes into production.

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Unless the hardware is very very similar, you don't want to image it.  You want to migrate it.  Especially if there's more than one NetWare server in the mix.

That makes it very simple.  Install NetWare on the new server in pre-migration mode, configuring your partitions and pools the way you want them to be, then migrate the server data and identity from the old server to the new server.  Very clean way to do it.

Use the SCMT from download.novell.com.  (Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit.)

If you don't have more than one server, you should download the latest SP overlay images (OS and Products) and burn them to CD using something that will burn from an ISO image (you don't want to just put the .iso file on the CD...) and install from the new overlay.  That way, you'll get the latest SP all pre-applied as an extra bonus of the migration.   If you do have more than one server, you should download both the overlay iso's and the corresponding support pack, and apply the support pack to all of your other servers as well - SP4 was not the best.  Current is SP7, but that just came out so you might be better off going for SP6 for now, just for kicks, and then afterward apply whatever post-SP6 patches you can find that apply to your situation and configuration.
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