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workstatin seems to lost ocasionnally communication with windows 2003 server

I have an accouting application that is programmed with delphi
All my workstations ar xp pro with all updates, all computers have been changed for brand new ones, they all have a ups, server is windows 2003 small businesss on a real server, with a ups too, switches are protected wit ups, cabling is all brand new utp8 level 6, protocol is tcp/ip.
The server is only a file server, the applicatio is not in client/server mode, this a proved working software in this environment. This app. is database based (.dbf) and som files stay opens for a long time,
Sometimes the applicatio crash with errors like: 7010, Error 7010:  Problem with Advantage server file read.
this to more frequent, sometimes i get: an error 8010 but rarely.
this happens when filling a long order or invoice int the software, and during this time ther some files that are continuously accessed, and a short brake in the communication seems to produce.
I can re-access the data immediatly after getting this message, so if it is a connection lost, it seems very short.
This problem was there whe a workstation was used as file server, and there was many old computers.
we renew allt the stock and lan topology to get rid of but without success.
1 Solution
I've seen issues like this arise from very inexpensive (cheap) network cards.  I'm glad to hear the loss of network access hasn't corrupted your dbf files yet.  If you added some more users to your network, with poor network cards, your chances will increase to corrupt the database.
Something like this happens to me. There are two issues that may be affecting this:

1) network cards may be set to save energy when they have no activity... The when the activity cames, it takes too long for the application.

2) when a comm protocol is going idle for a long time Windows (XP, 2k3, etc), i think just for fun, takes down the communication, just like 1)... getting it back takes too long for the application.

My solution... and it really works (its still working!!)... was this:
1) turn off "saving energy" feature of network cards.
2) install NetBeui (!!!!!) as a second communication protocol... just for file sharing... then when TCP is down in behave of Windows, NetBeui mantains the links.

Hope my experience may help!!!!
blinetteAuthor Commented:
Effectively, aergy save wa checked on 4 from 5 computers (on the server too!)  i unchecked them , and time will say us if everything is ok.
I tried to setupe netbeui, but it seems it is not availabel on 2003 server!  So i begin with the firs solution and if problem persist, i will try the second one.
Nothing ever in the clear!

This technical paper will help you implement VMware’s VM encryption as well as implement Veeam encryption which together will achieve the nothing ever in the clear goal. If a bad guy steals VMs, backups or traffic they get nothing.

For XP, Netbeui has to be installed manually. Here is the way...

For Server 2k3...

Hope this help!!!
This may also be caused by some other process latching onto the file while your accouting application is trying to access it. Common causes may include backups and/or Virus Scan software.  We have found that we reduce the occurance of this kind of error when we exclude the advantage data files from the virus scan.
blinetteAuthor Commented:
Actually tried installation of netbeui, will know if it is working in 4-5 days

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